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Make a Snow Scene Diorama to Photograph Mini Whinnie and Micro Model Horses


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Use the Same Snow Scene for Many Model Horse Pictures for Photo Shows
Breyer Mini Whinnie mare and foalin a scale snow scene diorama

Use the same model horse show scene for several pictures.

Copyright 2010 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Using the same scale snow scene backdrop, you can take many pictures of your Breyer horses and model horses. A family setup is fun and creates pictures suitable for different mare and foal or stallion and foal model horse show classes. Just be sure to use micro mini scale or Breyer mini whinnies with this particular setup, or check the proportions of the background and snow before photographing larger models. If you have the mare set of Mini Whinnies, you can take some really adorable mare and foal pictures like this one. Momma looks concerned that her filly has skidded to a halt!

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