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Five Patterns for Halter Showmanship Classes for Model Horses Shows


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Which Breyer Model Horses Not to Show in Halter Showmanship
Bucking horse model in ring.

The bucking pose is not acceptable in halter showmanship.

Photo Courtesy Kollean Gouyton Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

Although you can find clever explanations for most poses of Breyer horses, some are indeed locked into poses unacceptable for halter showmanship classes. The grazing mare, for instance, would be disqualified; horses aren't allowed to graze in the show pen. The same goes for the rearing horse poses, since rearing is a serious fault in a show horse. Galloping models are hard to explain too. Enjoy them as part of your collection, but it's probably not a good idea to show them in halter showmanship. Look for other interesting ways to show them, such as in scenic wild west setups, pasture scenes and more.

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