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Five Patterns for Halter Showmanship Classes for Model Horses Shows


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Five Patterns for Halter Showmanship Classes for Breyer Model Horses
Breyer Model Horse in Halter Showmanship Class

Choose a pattern and movement in the pattern that matches your horse's pose.

Photo Courtesy Kollean Gouyton Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

When showing your Breyer models or other model horses in halter showmanship classes, you need to include a pattern or a description of the pattern and the movement the horse and handler are executing in the show ring. At live shows, you may wish to have a printout of the pattern or instructions and place it next to your entry. In a photo show, you may be required by the show rules to state the pattern and movement. The following five patterns are typical 4-H or amateur show patterns for stock breeds or Western horses. Use one or more and choose the movement that best matches your model horse breed and pose.

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