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Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses


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Begin Collecting Scale Vehicles for Model Horses
World Equestrian Games model horse display by Bill Duncan

The World Equestrian Games model horse display included this vehicle created by Bill Duncan.

Copyright 2011 by Bill Duncan. Used with permission.

You can begin your model horse scale vehicle collection using many of the Breyer Traditional, Classic and Stablemate vehicles. Many are sold as part of children's play sets but can be adapted to live or photo shows by adding finer details. Another option is to find commercial carts and vehicles created for displays and decorations. Many Christmas sleighs intended for centerpieces, for example, can be repainted into authentic and historically accurate colors and used in model horse dioramas. There are model rail road kits featuring miniature horse-drawn vehicles but these are too small to be used even with micro mini scale model horses. If you just love model horses and miniature vehicles, they make a fun project and include the parts you need to assemble into the final vehicle. Some include the horse.

About.com wishes to thank Bill Duncan of BD Wagons for the tips and photos. Visit Bill's display in Artisans Hall at Breyerfest or his website for more information and pictures of his finely crafted model horse vehicles.

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