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Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses


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Royal Carriages and Elegant Coaches for Model Horses
Royal carriage replica by Bill Duncan

Replica of a royal carriage in Breyer Traditional scale.

Copyright 2011 by Bill Duncan. Used with permission.

With the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and echoes of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' fairytale wedding, interest has grown in the beautiful vehicles used in the wedding procession on that festive day. The carriage used by Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, hails from the early 20th century and was used by William's great-grandmother, Queen Mary.

Bill Duncan said of royal carriages and fancy carriages and coaches, Carriages similar to the Royal Brougham pictured here were enclosed carriages designed to transport passengers in cities or between cities while protecting them from the weather. This particular model is one of several custom built for Jon Paul Ferrara, one of the top ten living American artists. He is best known for painting the images used on the covers of romance novels. He uses my creations as models in his paintings. A Royal Brougham would be pulled by a finely bred and extremely well cared for horses with a carriage harness. The scene for a carriage would be of a city or park.

Carriage horses were usually well bred, gentle yet spirited horses that were beautiful to look at as well as strong. Many were driven in pairs, and pairs were matched in color, height and even markings. If you love one particular Breyer horse, double up and buy two; you can show them as a matched pair in carriage driving.

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