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Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses


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The Sjees, A Carriage Just for Friesian Model Horses
Sjees model carriage with Frisian horse by Bill Duncan

A sjees, a special type of Dutch vehicle, pulled by Friesian model horses.

Copyright 2011 by Bill Duncan. Used with permission.

Model horse collectors love Friesian model horses, and Breyer models such as Goffert and Schleich's Friesian horses look superb with historically accurate horse-drawn vehicles. Friesian horses were originally bred as carriage horses, and their combination draft and carriage horse heritage makes them ideal for all types of harness classes.

Bill shared photos of a sjees, a special type of Dutch vehicle pulled traditionally by Friesian horses. He said, A Sjees is an elegant carriage from the Netherlands. They have been dated from the middle of the 18th century but could be older than that. The elaborately curved sides and ornamentation are in the rococo style. The body is intentionally off-set on the undercarriage for ease of entry and exit. A Sjees is pulled by one or two Friesian horses with black harness with white reins.

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