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Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses


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Delivery and Sales Wagons for Model Horse Show Scenes
miniature shoe sales wagon by Bill Duncan

A unique miniature scale horse-drawn shoe sales wagon made by Bill Duncan.

Copyright 2011 by Bill Duncan. Used with permission.

Delivery wagons come in all shapes and sizes and were often specific to the goods being transported. All manner of goods were transported by horse-drawn vehicles. You might think of the Budweiser Clydesdale draft horses pulling a wagon piled high with beer barrels, but wine and other liquids were transported by wagons too. The milk wagon, pulled by a calm old horse who knew just which houses to stop at on the route, was a familiar site in most American cities until the late 1930s. Coal, ice and other daily staples of life were also delivered by wagon. Use your imagination and find historical photos of horses in everyday life to develop your own scene.

Bill Duncan went all out with this one of a kind replica of the Globe Shoe Company delivery wagon. He said about this photo, This is a replica of an 1848 Globe Clothing and Shoe Company mobile store in St. Louis, Missouri. Very, very, authentic to the original. One fourth of the back top of the globe opens to see inside with shelves and clothes racks. One of a kind! This would be pulled by a well trained, calm horse of your choice with a working harness that could be decorated a little depending on how the wagon was decorated.

Standing model horses make good wagon horses, or those walking or trotting with a calm disposition. You can use any heavy draft horses or medium-type horse for delivery wagons, depending on the weight and size of the wagon being pulled. Some harnesses were decked with bells, flowers and other ornaments to attract attention for the salesman selling goods. Again, a good reference photo can help you create something historically accurate.

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