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Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses


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Stagecoaches for Model Horses for an Old West Look
model horse stagecoach by Bill Duncan for use with four model horses

This scale replica of a Western stagecoach needs four model horses for an accurate diorama.

Copyright 2011 by Bill Duncan. Used with permisson.

Stagecoaches were used to carry passengers, mail and goods across the vast expanses of the western United States before railroads provided faster and safer travel.  According to Bill, The first Concord stage coach was built in 1829. It was usually pulled by four horses, or four-in-hand.

Horses used to pull stagecoaches were calm Quarter Horse-type horses. They were chosen for stamina and strength. Draft horses were not used to pull stagecoaches. The typical harnesses used on stagecoach horses were sturdy, working harnesses.

Good model horses for a stagecoach set up include any of the Breyer Quarter Horses. Some of their Thoroughbred-type models, such as Phar Lap, might also make an interesting stagecoach horse. Candace Liddy created six Artist Resin model horses called the Wells Fargo Series, named after the famous stage coach line, depicting the ideal stagecoach horse.

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