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Adding Props to the Same Scene to Create New Model Horse Performance Photos
model horse western scene photographed against a natural backdrop

Western scene of model horse, calf and cowboy photographed against a natural backdrop.

Copyright 2011 by Andrea Kehrer. Used with permission.

By adding cattle to her scene and moving the model to a nearby location, Andrea creates a good Western performance scene. The horse model is in a perfect pose, and the tack fits well. The cowboy rider doll is dressed appropriately for working with cattle. The reins should be in his hands; you can get them to stay in a doll's closed hands with a bit of sticky wax. Remember, these pictures aren't show photos but just for inspiration.

You can use a Breyer calf model in proportion to your horse model for the calf in this setting. Ben or Brenda Breyer dolls wearing Western clothing are appropriate as riders. If you want to make a new hat for your Breyer dolls, use the pattern for the felt cowboy hat.

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