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Tips to Safely Transport Your Breyer Model Horse Collection

Tips and Advice to Help You Keep Your Breyer Collection in Mint Condition


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Take care packing your Breyer collection for a live model horse show.

Copyright 2011 by Sheri Rhodes. Used with permission.

Keep your Breyer horse collection in mint condition whether you're transporting them to a live model horse show. Breyer horses' values increase if they are kept in mint condition, even if the original packaging is lost. Therefore it pays for collectors to keep their Breyer horse collection in pristine, perfect condition and take special care when packing them for shows. Travel by car or plane to a live model horse show creates different challenges, but with some planning and organization, you can keep your Breyers in mint condition even if you're traveling across the country to a live model horse show.

Tips for Transporting Your Breyer Collection to a Live Model Horse Show

Live model horse shows offer Breyer collectors the chance to show their beautiful Breyers against other collectors for points, ribbons and prizes. They're also a fun way to socialize with other Breyer horse enthusiasts. You'll see some terrific Breyers, including vintage and custom Breyers, and beautiful setups and tack. But transporting your Breyer collection to a live model horse show offers different challenges depending on how you're traveling.

General Tips for Transporting Breyer Horse Models

  • Limit your entries to your very best Breyers. Look for mint condition models without scratches, rubs or blemishes of any kind.
  • Use a sturdy carton that's not too large. You want the Breyers snug in the box after wrapping them up, not shaking around loosely inside the box. Loose Breyers end up as smashed or damaged Breyers!
  • Keep tack and accessories in a separate box.
  • Take a soft dust cloth with you and clean paint brush to clean dust from manes and tails.
  • Complete your entry tags (tags that hang from the model's legs to identify the horse and competitor) at home.
  • Use a 3-ring binder with plastic sleeve pouches, and place the hang tags inside the sleeves to keep them organized.
  • Keep any reference photos, showmanship patterns and similar showing tools in the binder too.

Transporting Breyers in the Car

  • Soft bath towels are a Breyer collector's friend! Wrap each Breyer horse in a bath or hand towel and gently place them on top of each other in the box. You can purchase towels very inexpensively at mass merchandise stores or dollar stores.
  • Bubble wrap can be used, but place the smooth side against the models to prevent marks. Never use bubble wrap on painted models if transporting them in a hot car. Some collectors have had paint melt during transit, sticking to the bubble wrap and creating quite the mess.
  • "Pony Pouches" are flannel pouches use to store each Breyer horse individually. Take a rectangular piece of flannel that is twice as long as your model horse, and sew it on three sides. Slide the model inside and you have an instant pony pouch. The soft flannel protects the paint. You might need to lay a square of bubble wrap between the horses in the box.
  • Place a label on the outside of your boxes so you know what's in each. For example, "Original Finish Breyers," "Customized Breyers" etc. This makes unpacking at the show easier.

Transporting Breyer Horses on Airplanes

Always check with your airline for the current rules and laws about what you can carry onto an airplane. Given the changing nature of air travel and air safety, these rules may change frequently, so check each time before you pack up your Breyers!

  • Wrap your Breyers in flannel or cloth and place them in a carry-on suitcase. Collectors would rather lose their clothing and toiletries en route to a live show via airplane than their prized Breyer animals!
  • Consider shipping your Breyers on ahead of you to the show using the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Pack them carefully for long-distance travel, using a sturdy carton, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
  • Keep a photographic record of your models. In the event any are lost or damaged, you'll want the record to refer to for potential insurance claims.

You may also want to refer to the tips in How to Pack and Ship Model Horses for more ideas for keeping your Breyer collection in mint condition en route to a show.

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