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Choosing Breyers, Plastic and Other Model Horses for Western Pleasure Classes


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Choosing The Best Model Horses for Western Pleasure Classes
Breyer Zippo Pine Bars

A great Western pleasure performance entry starts with a beautiful horse model like this Breyer.

Copyright 2011 by Kollean Gouyton. Used with permission.

Western Pleasure classes are perhaps some of the most popular model horse show classes to enter, perhaps second only to halter classes. Collectors love the abundance of off-the-shelf Western tack made by Breyer, and Breyer tack not only offers children imaginative fun but an affordable way for hobbyists to enter performance classes for model horses. Adding a cowboy or cowgirl rider doll and accessories only adds to the fun. Whether you love Breyer horses, Breyer tack or the older Johnny West series of larger horse models and accessories made by the Marx toy company, entering your models in Western Pleasure classes begins with a great horse model.

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