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Make Miniature Scale Paper Grocery Bags and Sandwich Sacks


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Cut Out The Templates and Paper for the Miniature Paper Bags
The torn serrated edge of a piece of kraft paper is used to make a miniature paper bag.

The folding and cutting template for a dollhouse scale paper grocery bag is laid out along the serrated edge of a piece of thin kraft (brown) paper.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To begin making miniature scale paper bags, choose the correct scale of template for either a grocery bag or a sandwich bag from the printable template (available as a pdf file, acrobat reader required).

Make a fine toothed edge on your chosen paper using either the toothed cutting edge on a kitchen paper (wax or aluminium) dispenser box, or you can use a set of pinking shears from a sewing box, or craft scissors with a toothed edge.

Lay the template on your paper so the edge is just above the top of the template. Don't bother to try to cut the teeth on the template, just cut the top edge of the template straight, and set the template just back of the toothed paper edge before you cut out the correct sized bag.

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