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Make Miniature Scale Paper Grocery Bags and Sandwich Sacks


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Miniature Grocery Bags and Sandwich Bags to Make in Many Scales
Dollhouse doll with 1:12 scale grocery and sandwich bags

A dollhouse scale doll shown with a 1:12 scale paper bag of groceries and a smaller sandwich bag.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

These miniature grocery bags and sandwich sacks are easily made from brown paper using a folding template. You can use them for miniature scenes in the dollhouse, in a shop, or you can use them to make luminaria or farolito lights for Christmas or Halloween scenes. The bags can be made from any color or type of paper. I've shown them here made from lightweight kraft paper which gives the scale effect of a standard brown paper grocery bag or sack.

If you prefer to make them into carrier bags, you can add stamped details to the paper and add twisted paper, or embroidery thread handles similar to the handles on the printable miniature shop bags


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