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Miniature Papel Picado Banners and Photo Frames for Dias de los Muertos


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Instructions for Miniature Photo Frames and Papel Picado Designs
Dolls house scale banners and photo frames for Day of the Dead displays in miniature.

Papel Picado banners and photo frames in 1:12 and 1:24 scale for dolls house scale Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) displays.

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To make the papel picado banners for the day of the dead, you can print off the appropriate size pdf file on light weight paper, or you can use the included design as a template for cutting your own banners from brightly colored tissue paper. If you have small paper punches, they work well for making flowers, leaves or stars as tiny edging decorations. Decorative paper scissors with a fine scallped edge, or fabric pinking shears are also good for creating decorative edges for your papel picado. More elaborate designs can be cut using a craft knife and a design template on paper which is layered over tissue paper and then cut out, through the tissue paper layers to make the papel picado.

To make the photo frames

Print out the designs roughly on paper, then glue the paper to lightweight card and cut out the center of the frame and the edges of the outside frame. Use a felt pen or acrylic paint to touch up the edges of the card so that it blends into the photo frame. Attach an appropriate sized photo of your relative behind the frame.

Printable Photo Frame files

  • 1:6 (playscale)Papel Picado Banners and Frames for fashion doll scenes. This file is a PDF file and requires a free copy of Acrobat reader to open.
  • 1:12 and 1:24 scale Papel Picado Banners and Frames. This file is a PDF file and requires a free copy of Acrobat reader to open.

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