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Where Do you Find Miniature Easter Collectibles?

Quick Facts about Easter Collectibles


An Easter Display Tree with Ornaments

An Easter Display Tree with Ornaments

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  • Cultural Traditions Miniature Easter collectibles are a strong tradition in German and Russian Cultures. Although not related to Easter, there are collectible Chinese and Japanese decorated eggs as well. Many pieces of European folk art demonstrate this tradition. Blumenkinder are a type of German Easter collectible produced by many companies and there are several woodcarving specialists who create miniature wooden Easter decorations for hanging on Easter Trees. Elaborate Ukrainian Dyed Easter Eggs or Pysanky are widely collected.
  • Many Materials Easter collectible miniatures come in all materials, paper mache, wood, stone, glass, ceramic, jewellery. They come as ornamental eggs, birds, rabbits, or religious figures.
  • Presentation Baskets and Boxes Many Easter collectibles take the shape of presentation boxes or baskets for gifts. Egg shaped containers are particularly common and many collectible forms are available including paper mache and porcelain. Limoge and Fitz and Floyd are two companies who produce several new specialized Easter containers each year
  • Collectible Egg Containers Miniature tea cups or egg cups filled with an egg were once a common Easter gift for young girls. Those tiny demi-tasse china cups are now collectible.
  • Easter Toy Specials Many collectible toy ranges feature special Easter editions which are often miniatures.
  • Collectible Dated Easter Eggs Several companies have produced collectible, dated Easter eggs, including Avon, Goebels, Heartwood Creek, Lladro, and Noritake.
  • Collectible Easter Cards Late Victorian and Early 1900's Easter cards were popular and are now widely collected, many of them have delicate floral designs and elaborate silk fringe on the edges.

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