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Day of the Dead Miniatures


The Day of the Dead, a Mexican and Latin American Holiday is a celebration honoring friends and family members who have died. November 2nd or All Souls Day is the date for honoring adults, but November 1 (All Saints Day) is the "Day of the Innocents" or "Dia de los Angelitos" for remembering children. "Ofrendas" or small shrines are built with food and drink favored by the dead including sugar skulls and 'pan de muerto' a sweet egg based bread, and are usually decorated with photos of the dead, Marigolds "Cempazuchitl" and cockscomb flowers. Bright tissue paper banners 'papel picado' are posted as decorations.. Calaveras and Catrina figures of skeleton women and men elaborately dressed and costumed or going about their daily business are popular. Many are placed on ofrendas to represent the person being honored.
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Day of the Dead shrine by Cindy Diamond, exhibited at the fall 2010 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature showOffrenda WindowboxA dolls house scale ofrenda for the Day of the Dead by Guadalupe MarinSetting up a Miniature Offrenda in an Inexpensive Dolls House Scale ArmoireA skeleton dolls house bride dressed in a crochet dress clutching a bouquet of black flowers.Make Calaveras for the Day of the DeadDia de los Muertos miniature scene with skeleton couple walking their dog in front of a church.Dia de los Muertos by Celeste York Exhibited at the Fall 2010 Seattle Show
Finished marigold and cockscomb flowers shown with a miniature sugar skull for the Day of the DeadMake Miniature Cockscombs and Marigolds for the Day of the DeadDolls house scale banners and photo frames for Day of the Dead displays in miniature.Make Printable Miniature Photo Frames and Banners to Honor the DeadDecorated miniature sugar skull in dollhouse scale made from a polymer clay bead.Make Miniature Skulls for Ofrendas or Calaveras
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