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Seasonal Miniatures - Miniatures for Holidays and Special Occasions

Make and collect miniatures for seasonal displays or holiday decorations. Here you'll find miniature projects in popular dollhouse sizes and miniature scales for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's an Father's Days and a range of other holidays and special occasions.
  1. Christmas Miniatures (79)
  2. Easter Miniatures (16)
  3. Halloween Miniatures (40)
  4. Valentines Miniatures (13)

DIY Wedding Favors, Decorations and Souvenirs to Make From Miniatures
DIY wedding miniatures for wedding favors, ring pillows, table and cake decorations for showers and weddings as well as souvenir keepsakes for special anniversaries.

Show Your Irish Roots
This miniatures are all related to St. Patrick's Day or Ireland. They are available in several scales to use in scale miniature displays, or as table decorations.

Make a Scale Miniature Irish Shillelagh From Twigs
Make a scale miniature Irish shillelagh in two styles using twigs and paint.

Make a Shamrock Themed Printable Dollhouse Tea or Coffee Set …
Make a printable coffee or tea set with dessert plates and a tiered cake tray in dollhouse scale. The 1:12 scale set features tiny shamrocks on a cream background.

Save Miniature Memories of Summer With Easy to Make Projects and Gifts
Summer miniature projects to create or save memories

Make Specialized Cookie Cutters for Hanukkah Cookies
Make dolls house scale Hanukkah cookie cutters and cookies.

Small Re - Useable Flexible Holiday Stencils from Martha Stewart Crafts
Review of the Martha Stewart Crafts Holiday Icons set of adhesive stencils.

Miniatures for Thanksgiving or Fall Displays
Easy to make miniature projects for autumn or thanksgiving displays. These include items suitable for full size table decorations, as well as miniature designed to bring a touch of fall to a dolls' house.

Printable Halloween Glitter Village Buildings
Make a range of tiny Halloween glitter houses from free printables. The parts will mix and match so you can customize your display.

Miniature Projects For Christmas Decorations
Miniatures are used for Christmas tree decorations, as well as Christmas villages and displays. This list of projects and printable miniatures will help you make decorations for your full size tree, make or decorate a Christmas village or Creche, or decorate a miniature Christmas tree.

Miniature Projects for Special Seasons and Holidays
These projects are all related to special seasons and holidays

Miniature Easter Gifts and Decorations for Full Size or Dollhouse Displays
These Easter miniatures can be used for cake, table or basket decorations, displayed on miniature trees, given as gifts or used to celebrate the season in a dolls house. The items can be built in several dollhouse scales.

Make Halloween Miniatures and Projects for Decorations and Party Favors
Miniature Halloween decorations are easily made from low cost materials. Their size means you can create a large display in a small space, and easily store it away for next year. Here's an assortment of projects and ideas to try. If you're curious about why we celebrate Hallowe'en, check out this article on the Origins of Halloween by...

Make Miniature Marigolds and Cockscomb Flowers for the Day of the Dead
Instructions for making miniature marigolds and cockscomb flowers for Day of the Dead shrines or ofrendas in dollhouse scales.

Printable Papel Picado Banners for Dios De Los Muertos
Printable miniature papel picado banner designs and photo frames for miniature Day of the Dead displays.

Patriotic and Celebratory Miniature Bunting
Use free printable miniatures to make bunting flags and patriotic draping to decorate scale market stalls, tables, street scenes or dolls house birthday settings.

Father's Day, Retirement or Special Birthday Gifts For Dad
Miniatures are a great way to decorate presents, party tables, cards or to create a special gift for Dad on his retirement, birthday, or for Father's day. This list may help you to make that occasion one he'll remember and treasure.

Make a Printable Layered Mother's Day Card and Fill it With Miniatures
Make this layered card for Mom from paper or lightweight card. You can fill the card with photos, pressed flowers, or samples of scale miniatures, including your needlework.

Make a Free Personalized Printable Father's Day Card - Dad's Birthday Card
This free printable layered card for Dad is made from printer paper or lightweight card. Sized to fit a standard envelope, there is lots of space to add photos, memories, or things you would like to share for Father's Day or your Dad's birthday.

Miniature Mother's Day Gifts, Cards and Boxes
There are lots of ways to use your skills in miniature to make a special gift for a mother.

Decorate an Altoids Mint Tin To Hold Collectible St Patrick's Day Miniatures
Decorate an Altoid Mint Tin for a miniature scene or to hold collectibles using these St. Patrick's Day printable papers and backdrops.

Make Miniature Valentines Projects
These miniature projects all have a valentine theme. Some are designed for dollhouse displays, others can be used to package chocolates or favors, for weddings or other celebrations as well as Valentines Day.

Fast Holiday and Dollhouse Decorations with Miniature Ribbon Trims
Search out seasonal ribbon trims in the ribbbon department of your craft or scrapbook store for shaped trims to decorate seasonal scenes.

Make Miniature Wooden Skis and Poles
Make these wooden skis and poles for seasonal decorations or scenes.

Day of the Dead Miniatures
Range of projects and examples of miniature displays for the Day of the Dead

Information on Caring for Hallmark Ornaments
Information on cleaning, storing and protecting Hallmark ornaments.

Artist Information for Hallmark Ornaments
Artists who design Hallmark Seasonal Ornaments listed by name with descriptions of the ornaments they have created for Hallmark

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