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Make Miniature Decorated Eggs for an Easter Photo Display


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Prepare the Miniature Eggs For Photos
Preparing a photo template to attach to a miniature painted egg for an Easter display

Steps in preparing a miniature wooden egg for use as a photo display.

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Trim Your Chosen Photo to Fit the Egg

To prepare the miniature eggs to hold your photos, trace around an egg onto a scrap of paper and cut out the egg shape to make a template for the photo. Use this template to trim the photo to the correct size for the flat side of the egg, using the small pointed end of the egg as the top or bottom for all photos.

Paint the Egg with a Base Coat

Use acrylic paint to paint the egg on the curved side with a base coat of the final color. When the curved side of the egg is dry, turn the egg over and add an edging of the base color to the outside edges of the flat side of the egg. Depending on the finish you want, you may need to sand the first coat of paint gently with a 200 or higher grit sandpaper and apply a second coat of paint.

Add the Hanging Thread

Add the hanging thread by knotting a fine thread and gluing the knot to the end of the egg on the flat side, where the top of your photo will be. (You can hang your eggs so the large end of the egg or the small end is the top, cut your photos after you have made this decision!) Make the knot as small as possible, it will be covered by the photo.

Decorate the Curved side of the Egg

Some suggestions for decorating are given on the following pages.

After the egg is decorated and the trims and paint are dry

Glue the trimmed photo to the flat side of the egg, with the top of the photo covering the knot of the thread. Set the egg aside to dry.

You can hang your completed eggs from a tree branch, or make an Easter Display Tree to display them on. If you add new photo eggs every year you will soon have an heirloom collection of Easter decorations featuring your family.

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