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Make Miniature Decorated Eggs for an Easter Photo Display


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Make Miniature Decorated Eggs for an Easter Photo Display
Decorated and painted miniature wooden eggs display photos for an Easter display.

Painted and decorated miniature wooden eggs are backed with family photos for an Easter Display which becomes a family heirloom.

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Feature your family photos on miniature wooden eggs you can hang on an Easter display tree.  Tiny half wooden or flat card eggs found in craft stores can be decorated to create an effective Easter display. The eggs can be decorated with paints, stickers, pens, decoupage, fabric and various methods to create an attractive display with a photo on the flat side of each half egg.

This is an easy craft which can be modified to suit various age ranges of children. The photos used here were leftover small school photos. Any suitable photo can be resized to fit on the flat size of a miniature egg.

If you don't have access to the miniature wooden eggs, sometimes sold as wrens eggs in the wood section of major craft stores, you can make suitable eggs from polymer clay, or air drying clay or paper clay. You can also make them from paper mache, or use two dimensional paperboard cutouts. Cure or allow these eggs to dry thoroughly before using them as the basis for your photo eggs.

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