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Make Printable Miniature Coffin Shaped Halloween Treat Boxes in Dollhouse Scale


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How to Cut and Fold a Miniature Paper Coffin Shaped Box for Halloween
Fold lines for a miniature coffin made of paper

Fold the tabs of the miniature coffin box towards the back side of the coffin top and base.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Cut the miniature paper coffin design free of the backing paper, and fold sharply along all fold lines (light grey) Fold the tabs away from the colored surface.

If you want to line your coffin with a different color than white (the reverse of your printed paper) cut out a second copy of the illustration on a piece of colored paper and use this as an insert to line your coffin. If you prefer you can glue the colored liner to the white side of your miniature coffin printable after you have cut it free of the backing paper.

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