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Make Printable Miniature Coffin Shaped Halloween Treat Boxes in Dollhouse Scale


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Miniature Halloween Coffin Materials and Printable
Diagram showing pieces for a miniature paper coffin

Diagram for a Printable Miniature Coffin Box in 1:12 Scale

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Begin to make the miniature printable coffin box by opening and printing the pdf file for the miniature paper coffin. You will require a pdf reader / converter (Acrobat Reader), which is usually included with a computer. If possible, print this illustration on sturdy paper, lightweight card or photographic paper. If your printer will not do that, print the coffin parts on bond paper and glue the printed bond to a stiffer paper or card backing before you cut the design out.

Materials to Make a Miniature Paper Coffin

  • bond or photographic paper or cardstock
  • Glue stick or pva (white) glue.
  • Sharp edge to crease paper against, a stiff ruler will work well or use a bone folder or craft stick to press paper tabs cleanly against the main surface.
  • Colored paper for lining if you wish

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