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Make Printable Miniature Coffin Shaped Halloween Treat Boxes in Dollhouse Scale


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Make Printable Coffin Shaped Boxes For Halloween Treats, Favors or Decorations
Dolls house scale skeleton in a miniature coffin box made of paper

This Dolls House Scale Skelton Fits Comfortably in the Paper Coffin Box

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These printable miniature coffin shaped boxes can be made in several scales for a dollhouse scene, used as treat or favor boxes for Halloween candies, or as party invitations. They are great for chocolate eyeballs, and will accept a skeleton up to 6 inches long.

These boxes are designed to be made in 1:12 dolls house scale. If you wish to use them for smaller or larger scale scenes, adjust the size on your printer settings.

The measurement scale on the image or pdf will tell you if your print is correctly scaled for 1:12 dolls house scale. If you wish a smaller scale, set your printer so that the scale ruler reflects the size you want. For 1:24 inch scale the ruler will be 1 ½ inches long instead of 3 inches, for 1:4 scale the ruler will be ¾ inch long etc.

If you have never worked with paper miniatures before read Working with Paper Miniatures and Dolls House Printables

You can also make printable miniature pumpkin boxes which can be made with a jack o lantern face for Halloween, or plain for Thanksgiving.

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