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Make a Free Personalized Printable Father's Day Card - Dad's Birthday Card


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Print a Layered Card For Dad or Father's Day and Fill It With Photos or Memories
A free printable multipage card for Father's Day that spells DAD.

This free printable card for Dad fits in a standard envelope and can be personalized with photos, mementos, drawings or small gifts.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This simple printable ribbon or ring bound card for Father's Day or your Dad's birthday has space to add photos, memories, or tickets to a special game. Each finished card will fit in a standard letter sized envelope for mailing or giving.

The card sections print out on three sheets of heavy printer paper or lightweight card. If you prefer, you can print the pieces on printer paper, then glue them to old file folders to strengthen them before you glue the card sections together. Card backing (either printed or glued) is recommended for framed photos.

Your card can be used to write in special messages for your Dad, or you can add framed photos of great memories from this year, updated pictures of the family or a special gift or piece of art.

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