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Make a Miniature Model of the Santa Maria with a Walnut Shell Hull


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Make a Miniature Santa Maria With a Walnut Shell Hull
Walnut scale miniature of the Santa Maria

Simplified miniature of the Santa Maria sailed by Columbus, made with a walnut shell for a hull and printed paper sails on toothpick masts.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This tiny version of the Santa Maria, is the first ship in the "Walnut Navy". Made with hulls of half walnut shells, these little ships can be used as decorations for Christmas trees, or for mobiles. The sails are made from paper printables, and the version of the ship shown here can be made with or without the thread shroud and stay lines. If you wish, you can make the tiny ships slightly more realistic by carving shaped decks from balsa wood to rise above the walnut hull.

I've set up this tutorial to show every stage of making the simple version. The printable sails you will need are linked to the materials list on page two of the instructions.

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