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Make a Miniature Model of a Bermuda Sloop Pirate Ship with a Walnut Shell Hull


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Make a Miniature Bermuda Sloop With a Walnut Shell Hull
Bermuda Sloop pirate ship with a walnut shell hull and printable miniature sails.

A simplified Bermuda sloop model pirate ship with a walnut shell hull. Boat number two in the "Walnut Navy" of miniatures.about.com

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This tiny version of an 18th century Bermuda Sloop, is the second ship in the "Walnut Navy". Made with hulls of half walnut shells, these little ships can be used as decorations for Christmas trees, or for mobiles. The Bermuda Sloop "The William" was made famous by Pirate John Calico Jack Rackham, and was one of the ships he sailed with the famous women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These small single mast sloops were also used by the Royal Navy in the Caribbean.

The sails for the Bermuda Sloop are made from paper printables with thread stay lines. Like the other ships in the "walnut navy", The Mayflower and The Santa Maria you can make the tiny ships slightly more realistic by carving shaped decks from balsa wood to rise above the walnut hull. You can also make decks from layers of cardboard or card.

The printable sails you will need are linked to the materials list on page two of the instructions.

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