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What Can You Find at a Model Railroad Show?


Model railroad shows have lots to interest miniature builders and collectors. Although most people come for the trains, there is also a lot of information on miniature scales, wiring and electricity, remote controls, displays, model scenery, collectible toys, books and memorabilia.

Shows are good for all ages and children and families are welcome. Displays are most often raised to a comfortable viewing height, but shows will have special displays featured at a height suitable for small children. Most local clubs model something based on their region, so a show will often have a historical aspect as well.

Come prepared to learn new techniques and to ask questions. As with other club shows, railroad enthusiasts are happy to explain their passion.

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A model railroader inspects his trainExperts are Happy to Explain Their HobbyOO Scale Canal Boat alongside a British Model Railway.Not Just TrainsGarden railway display at an indoor model railroad showGarden Railroads Use a Combination of SkillsLarge model railroad layout built entirely from Lego parts.Model Railroad Clubs That Feature Toy Trains
A Lego carousel, one of the features in an elaborate Lego railway.Lego Carousel Adds MovementA cattle feedlot full of Lego cattle near the yards of a Lego RailwayFun With Simple ShapesSales tables stacked high with merchandise at a model railroad show.New, Old, Antique and Collectible Railway Materials at a Railroad ShowModel rail snowshed as part of a diorama.Detailed Building and Aging Techniques
Railroad trestle and tunnel in an HO scale layout.Scenery Modeling TechniquesModel Float Plane coming in to land on a model railroad scene.Adding Movement to Static Miniature ScenesModel railroad scene with a corner store, gas station, and moose on the road.Viewpoint in Miniature ScenesTunnel and float plane above a forest in an n scale railroad layout.What Scale are You Comfortable With?
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