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Should You Use Figures in Miniature Scenes?


Should you or shouldn't you have figures in a dolls house or scale miniature scene? Few things cause more debate amongst miniature builders than the subject of figures and dolls. Some people never use them, some people think it would be strange to have a scene without people. Here's a list of things to consider before you decide for or against figures.

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A 1:24 scale sawmill based on catalogue sawmills of the 1910-1940 period.Figures Can Add Concepts of Use to a SceneDetails of the fittings in the cockpit of Byron Rosenbaum's ship Sweet Sixteen.Figures That Help Define the EnvironmentModel Guards marching from the Knights Hall in the Binnenhof, out The Grenadierspoort at Madurodam.Figures Can Set A Time Period, Down to a Single DayA village street scene with a bonsai tree pruned to scale with the buildings in Madurodam.Making a Scene Look Inhabited or Abandoned
Dollhouse potting Shed with it's owner Walter at the Spring 2008 Seattle Dollhouse Show.Adding Personality To A Story LineEldery lady with her kittens and her knitting in 1:12 dollhouse scale.Figures That Define the SceneThe front door and entrance hall of a 1:6 scale Barbie Mansion circa 1886.Basing a Collection on a Particular FigureJill Bennett doll vignette of a young mother admiring her infant while her son plays with his dog.Posing and Displaying Particular Periods
Jill Bennett's dolls house scene in 1:12 scale, Pip meets Miss Haversham.Bringing Stories and Personalities to ScenesHaida baskets, blanket cloaks and masks produced by Danielle Perry in Dolls House Scale.Scale Figures With Costumes and Colors That Demand Particular Backgrounds1:12 scale bear couple dressed in Georgian costume.A Softer Focus on Scale Inhabitants
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