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A Rare Corrugated Iron House from 1859


The Moody-Gosset House is the only remainder of 6 similar corrugated iron buildings and a church which were built in the early years of Victoria.
Moody - Gosset House Front showing the surrounding veranda and the door and french window details

Moody - Gosset House reassembled at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society Site near Victoria B.C.

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The Moody-Gosset House is a 30 foot square prefab building dating from 1859 which is a current project of the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The house was shipped to England from the Hemmings Iron Company in 1859 and is one of a very few of the prefab buildings of this type which were such a common feature of gold rush and early frontier towns.

Photos and information about this house, and links to clubs which collect information on corrugated buildings is laid out here to help miniaturists and modellers create samples of these buildings for their scale layouts.

You can find out more about the house from the Royal Engineers website.

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