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Scale Miniatures - Miniatures Built to Scale Sizes

Collect everything in a particular size or miniature scale. Information on scale sizes and how to estimate scale. Includes dollhouses, dolls' house dolls, model railways, war and fantasy gaming miniatures, scale vehicles and architectural miniatures.
  1. Miniature Scale Buildings (28)

Using Action Figures for Model or Dollhouse Scenes
Companies which produce action figures that can be used for model and scale scenes, including dolls house scenes in playscale 1:6, or standard 1:12 scale.

Paper Automata From Kits
A review of Mechanical Paper Machine Kits by Walter Ruffler

How to Estimate Measurements Without a Ruler
Quick measurement references based on your body, or common coins, that you can always use to measure items you are interested in buying to see if they are close to a particular scale.

Should You Use Figures in Miniature Scenes?
Pros and cons of adding figures to scale miniature scenes or dolls houses, what to consider when you are building a scene in order to make it work better with figures or dolls.

Printable Figures to Check Miniature Scales
Free printable reference sheet of figures in various scales to use as a scale check when buying items for model and dolls house scenes.

Easy Ways to Make Dioramas or Models for School or Group Projects
List of easy to make miniatures and models to help students or groups create dioramas for class or club projects

Walnut Shell Model of the Santa Maria to Make
Make this simplified model of the Santa Maria as part of a walnut shell navy, or to use as a decoration. These little ships are easy to make from half walnut shells, toothpicks, and printable paper sails.

Make a Miniature Model of a Bermuda Sloop Pirate Ship with a Walnut Shell Hull
Make a simplified version of a Bermuda Sloop or pirate ship, from a half walnut shell and printable paper sails.

Make the Mayflower In Miniature with a Walnut Shell Hull
Make a simple version of the Mayflower, using a half walnut shell for the hull and printable paper sails.

Ships in Scale Magazine Review
A review of the model boat building magazine, Ships in Scale.

Garden Railways Magazine Review
Review of Garden Railways Magazine from Kalmbach Publishing

Choosing Tiny Accessories for 1:144 and N scale Buildings
Quick tips for furnishing tiny dolls houses or N scale railway scenes.

Nautical Knot Rug in Miniature - Tie an Ocean Plait Rug
Tie an ocean plait knot in miniature to make a welcome mat in several scales for model boats or dolls houses, or tie it full scale for a welcome mat for a house.

Playmobil Micro Play Sets
Playmobil Micro Sets are sized to be toys for playmobil children figures, but are also wonderful toy sets for 1:12 dollhouse scale scenes.

The Importance of Scale in Miniatures for All Types of Models and Collectibles
How scale is applied to miniatures. Information on how scale is measured in dollhouse and model railroad scales, collectible villages, antiques, miniature vehicles, gaming figures and finescale.

1:16 Scale - A Scale With Niche Collections Where 3/4 Inch Equals 1 Foot
Explanation of what is 3/4" scale or 1:16 scale as applied to models, dolls houses and other hobbies where this particular scale is used.

What Can You Find at a Model Railroad Show?
Model railroad shows aren't completely devoted to trains and tracks. There are lots of aspects of a model railroad show that can help other miniaturists develop skills or find new ideas for displays.

What are Garden Railroads? What is G Scale?
Basic information on garden railroads

Model Boat Scales-Gaming and Building Scales for Model Boats
Information about scales used with various types of model boats

Choosing a Model Railroad Scale
Sizes and Spaces needed for minimum rail layouts in various scales. From the About Guide to Model Railroads

Scale Models of Rome, Versailles, Babylon and the Acropolis
Andre Caron of Quebec has completed amazing 3 dimensional models of ancient Rome, Versaille, Babylon, and the Acrypolis, using glue and card on a foam base.

Digital Navy Printable Boats in Several Scales
Digital Navy is a site devoted to printable model ships and planes. There are several free downloads and information on paper types and tools used.

Cutting Edge Models - Scale Models for Films
Cutting Edge Models build architectural scale models and scale models for films. View their models for Chicken Run and Moulin Rouge .

Micro/Small Layouts for Model Railroads
Carl Arendt's website featuring small railway layouts in several scales, most designed to be three or four feet square in area.

V&A Online Theatre Collections- Make Your Own Toy Circus
Make your own revolving toy circus with this printable from the Online Theatre Collections, V&A Museum

V&A Theatre Collections Online - Make Your Own Toy Theatre
A printable Pollocks paper toy theater from The V&A Online Theatre Museum UK.

Ceynix Miniature Trains (1:900 scale)
Ceynix Miniature Trees and Trains have taken over the former miniature 1:900 scale trains of Tanis Rushton from Tadpoles miniatures. Ceynix often offers workshops at major US and UK dolls house shows and fairs.

Weta Workshop Miniatures for Films
Weta Workshop in Wellington New Zealand is a film and television effects facility, famous for their work on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Master and Commander among other films. View their scale models in their online gallery.

Tips For Working in Smaller Scales
Tips on adapting your working and modelling methods to work with smaller scale miniatures and dollhouses.

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