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Book Review: Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 Scale by Roz Walters

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Cover of the book 'Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 Scale' by Roz Walters

Cover of the book 'Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 Scale' by Roz Walters

Photo Courtesy Price Grabber, Copyright 2003, Used With Permission

The Bottom Line

Good reference book for anyone who wants to learn or develop their skills crocheting doll clothing or doll linens and household items in 1:12 scale. The more than 40 projects cover a wide range designed to be effective in small scales, using mainly DMC 30 weight crochet cotton or single ply yarns. The projects are mainly stitched in plain single crochet (double crochet in the UK) and varieties of shell stitch using US 8 and 14 (UK 1.25 and 0.6mm) fine steel crochet hooks, although some projects also call for US size 4,6,10, and 12 size hooks) (metric sizes 1.75mm, 1.5mm, 1mm, 0.75mm)
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  • Good Basic Instruction for Anyone New To Crochet or Fine Crochet
  • Good Designs With Easily Remembered Repetitions, Not a Wide Range of Stitches
  • Choice of Threads and Stitches Well Suited to Scale and Pattern


  • Book Was Printed In 2003, May Be Difficult To Find
  • Crochet Although Very Fine, Is Not 'To Scale'. These Patterns Are For Lovers of Crochet.


  • Good basic instructions for people who have no experience with fine crochet.
  • Wide range of clothing patterns; for infants, boys and girls, men and women, including hats and underwear.
  • Good range of instructions for household items from crochet, including tea cosy, curtains, doilies, and bed linens.

Guide Review - Book Review: Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 Scale by Roz Walters

Roz Walters has produced scale patterns and written articles on crochet in miniatures for a number of dolls house magazines. Many of her patterns from these articles, and from her book, Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 scale can be viewed on her website, Roz Miniatures.

The more than 40 patterns in her book cover a wide range of projects, from layettes and Christening gowns and shawls, to clothing for children, ladies and men, including outfits for a full wedding party. There are also a number of patterns for household items including antimacassars, tea cosy, cushions, bedspreads, doilies and a round tablecloth. The patterns are clearly marked with a degree of difficulty, for easy, intermediate and experienced crocheters. There is clear information on hooks, yarns, and basic stitches for beginners, as well as as a table of abbreviations, including terminology for American crocheters. The patterns are written in English crochet terms, and American crocheters will need to translate from the English terms. Double crochet to an English reader is single crochet to an American reader for example.

The patterns are mainly worked in English double and treble crochet (American single and double crochet) with much of the lacy detail of the pieces coming from careful use of various shell stitches. They are worked with steel hooks sized from .60 to 1.75 metric needles, or roughly # 4 to #14 American sizes (depending on the manufacturer). The patterns call for fine single ply acrylic yarns, crochet and tatting cottons (DMC 30, 50, 80) or silk or cotton threads. The majority of patterns call for DMC 30 yarn and a 0.6mm hook (US size 14) or a single ply yarn and a 1.25mm (US size 8) crochet hook.

Who Would Benefit From This Book? This is a good book for beginning to intermediate crocheters who want to gain experience working with finer threads and needles creating dolls clothing. The patterns are cleverly designed to keep assembly and pattern change to a minimum. The methods of working colors, borders and stitches can all be adapted to a range of projects once you become more experienced. There is a good range of projects to take beginners through to work on the more advanced patterns. Advanced crocheter's who want to work particular projects (lacy bedding or the bridal party) will find a range suited to their abilities as well.

Price and Availability - Miniature Crochet Projects in 1:12 Scale by Roz Walters, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications 2003, ISBN # 1 86108 273 8 Price - roughly $15 -$25 Available via booksellers or the publisher GMC Publications

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