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Book Review- Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath

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 A tiny needle felted cat eyes a bowl of living goldfish. Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber copyright 2008 Used with Permission

The Bottom Line

Three dimensional needle felting is a fairly easy technique and this book gives clear instructions for creating 16 animals and birds in miniature. If the scale is correct these are useful for dollhouses. At the scale demonstrated they will make wonderful Christmas decorations. Dimensions and detailed instructions are given for the following animals and birds: blackbird, brown bear, Chartreux cat, Turkish Van cat, Dalmation, fox, Jack Russell terrier, koala bear, mouse, penguin, polar bear, rabbit, robin, seal pup, sheep, Welsh Corgi.

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  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Wide variety of animals, domestic and wild
  • Includes birds


  • Animals don't have a bendable frame so poses are limited
  • Only solid animals shown, no information on making long coats


  • Great introductory book with clear instructions and lots of varied animal and bird projects to try.
  • Good photography and tips help a beginner to mold felt into the correct shape for a wide variety of animals and poses.
  • Includes lots of favorite animals so can be used to make a number of gifts or a set of ornaments.
  • Animals are a good size, small enough to fit in a hand, but not so tiny that they are hard to make.

Guide Review - Book Review- Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath

Marie-Noelle Horvath is an experienced craft writer and artist who has created a wonderful collection of elegantly simplified animals to make using needle felt techniques. Although her animals lack the wire armature of some needle felt techniques, like the miniature racoon which can be bent into various poses, they are easily made in several static positions. If you follow the instructions you will make animals which are 3 to 4 inches long (7.5 to 10 cm.) If you pay attention to proportions you can make smaller animals which are in 1:12 dolls house scale using these instructions and your own measurements.

The book gives clear instructions for the steps in making all the various animals, along with diagrams to allow you to match the proportions. Detailed instructions are given for three basic body types, birds, short legged animals and long legged animals. This would be an excellent book for a newcomer to the technique of needle felting who wants to practise by working through a large assortment of animal types. It would be a good book for an older child who wanted to sculpt animals by needle felting, provided they were old enough to be careful with the very sharp and jagged needles required. The needle felting technique is not suitable for young children

Once familiar with the techniques, it is fairly simple to create all manner of dog and cat breeds along with other animals. It is a shame that the one aspect of the book which was not included, was the process of adding longer fibers in to needle felt to create long coats, however this is an easy technique to learn.

Little Felted Animals, Marie-Noelle Horvath, Watson Guptill Publications, New York, 2008, ISBN 10 0-8230-1504-1, ISBN 13 978-0-8230-1504-7 Price $12.95 US

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