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Free Printable Boxes for Christmas Miniatures or Small Presents


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Make a Printable Miniature Holly Wreath Box
Printable miniature self closing boxes with a holly wreath on the top.

These free, printable miniature boxes with a holly wreath on top, are self closing and can be printed two to a standard page of paper, photo paper or lightweight card.

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To make these printable miniature holly wreath boxes you will need:

  • Standard Letter Sized Sheet of paper, photo paper, or lightweight card. Each sheet will make two boxes, roughly 2 x 2 by 1 1/2 inches in size.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors
  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Clear Packaging Tape small amount to seal box securely.

Print out the Pdf (Acrobat Reader) file of the Holly Wreath boxes Each letter size page will print out two boxes.

Prepare the Pieces

Cut out the box along the outside lines, cutting the wreath leaves and bow out roughly. Cut along the narrow curved silver line that leads to the center of the wreath, cutting carefully close to the wreath details as you do so.

Use your craft knife to cut a slit where marked in silver, on the short box side with no tab.

With your contents wrapped gently in tissue paper, fold the two short sides of the box over the contents, and insert the tab down through the slot. Tape the slot in place.

Take the two ends printed with holly and pass the tab end with the bow, under the plain holly tab, joining them together to make a circle. If necessary you can use a small amount of tape to hold the tabs in place.

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