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Free Printable Boxes for Christmas Miniatures or Small Presents


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Make a Printable Miniature Gingerbread House Box
Parts for a two inch printable miniature gift box shaped like a gingerbread house.

This layout fits two printable miniature gingerbread boxes on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper, lightweight card, or photo paper.

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To make these printable miniature gingerbread house boxes you will need:

  • Standard Letter Sized Sheet of paper, photo paper, or lightweight card. Each sheet will make two boxes, roughly 2 x 2 by 1 1/2 inches in size.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors
  • Sharp craft knife
  • PVA (White Glue) or a glue stick.

Print out the Pdf (Acrobat Reader) file of the gingerbread boxes Each letter size page will print out two boxes.

Prepare the Pieces

Cut out the box along the outside lines, cutting the roof sections free from the roof support tabs.

Fold all the walls along the light lines, fold all the tabs along the light lines. Fold the roof with handles down along the roof line, and fold the double roof in half along the fold line. Cut out the slot opening on the double roof line when you have the roof folded in half.

Use your craft knife to cut a slit where marked in white, just below the roof line attached to the box handle.

Cut out the centers of the box handles.

Glue the box sides

Run a bit of glue along the tab on the side of the box, and press it against the box back. Set aside to dry.

When the box sides are glued together, apply glue to the short tabs on the base of the box and press the long tabs in place over them. Set aside to dry.

Final Assembly of the Gingerbread Box

When the box base and sides are dry, fold the handle in half, and fold the single roof pieces over the roof support tabs.

Insert the handle through the center of the double roof piece and take the roof tab back into the slot you cut on the lower roof. Tape the slot in place if necessary to hold the roof closed. This is certainly necessary if you intend to hang the box by its handle.

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