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Free Printables for Drawer Organizers and Storage Boxes


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Make Storage Boxes or Drawer Organizers with Lids from Free Printables
Easily folded paper or card boxes hold a variety of supplies to organize drawers of miniatures.

Easy to fold using a standard origami technique, storage boxes made from printable paper sheets, or recycled calendar pages can help organize collections of miniature supplies.

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Fold these storage boxes and organizers to organize your craft supplies in drawers or store parts of miniature projects. The boxes can be made with or without tops, and you can also fold clear tops from acetate sheet, or page protector plastic if you wish.

The printable versions of these boxes are restricted to the size of a letter sized sheet, but once you practise the technique using this paper with its marked folds, you can make larger boxes from larger sheets of paper, including recycling photos from old calendars.

If you need to make larger storage boxes, use the same technique as is outlined in the bookboard dolls house roombox instructions to make boxes and box tops in any size and finish you want, using sheets of sturdy, acid neutral bookboard. Just don't cut out openings for door and windows!

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