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Make Printable Miniature Heart Shaped Boxes in Doll's House Scale


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Introduction to Making Printable Miniature Heart Shaped Boxes
Printable miniature heart shaped boxes in a variety of dollhouse scales.

Printable miniature heart shaped boxes in scales from 1:24 up to 1:6 including a size suitable for valentines party or wedding favors.

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Two part miniature boxes in heart shapes are useful for wedding or shower favors, tiny presents, as a wrapping for a special chocolate or special gift, or as props for Valentines displays for a variety of scale dolls houses.

The boxes on this printable sheet can be made up in a variety of colors and scales, and the lids can be mixed and matched with the sides to create different effects.

In the smallest sizes these boxes need precision work. For your first attempt it is recommended that you start with the largest boxes and work your way down to the smaller ones as you perfect your technique.

To Make Heart Shaped Wedding Favor Boxes

use the 1:6 scale box designs which have been laid out on a single sheet of paper to print five boxes roughly 1 1/2 inches across by 3/4 inch tall. The wedding favor box sheets can be printed in white and silver, red and gold, or you can print the outline sheet on your choice of colored paper. A very thin light grey line will show you where to attach the parts. You can leave the fine grey/silver "Love" script on the top of the box, or reverse the box top so the exterior is absolutely plain in your choice of colors.

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