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Make Cut Out Paper Christmas Trees for Winter Scenes and Christmas Ornaments


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Cut Paper Christmas Tree Pattern and Assembly Instructions
Pattern to cut out two sizes of miniature paper trees for a table or village decoration.

Pattern for a heart and candle themed miniature paper tree.

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Free Cut Paper Christmas Tree Pattern to Print

This design for a free standing cut paper tree with hearts and candles works well on standard printer paper or you can use gift paper or colored paper. Both tree patterns are available as printable Pdf (acrobat reader) files, or you can draw your own design out on paper and cut your tree from that. If you draw your own design, the base of the trunk should line up with the bottom bough to help the tree to stand alone without support.

The Snowflake pattern pdf is shown on the previous page or you can make the Heart and Candle Tree pdf shown above as a pattern or on the previous page as the smallest tree.

Assembling the Cut Paper Trees

First you will need to sew the sheets of paper and pattern together. If you are using a needle and thread or a sewing machine to join the paper sheets, begin by laying the printed tree pattern on top of three sheets of paper and sewing through all four layers of paper along the center line of each tree. You can remove the paper pattern layer after you have cut out the tree. Match your thread color to the paper, and use a medium to large stitch.

Gluing the Paper Layers of the Tree Instead of Sewing If you will be gluing the tree shapes together, fold each page sharply along the center line for each tree shape. Run a thin bead of glue down these centre lines and glue the three sheets of paper together. Do not glue the pattern layer to the top. Set aside to dry.

Cut the tree shapes out along the pattern lines using scissors to cut rough outlines, then cutting in to form the detail lines later. It is okay to cut out parts of the stitching, the tree will still hold together. To cut out the inner shapes you can either use a paper punch to create a starting hole, then insert your scissors and cut out the heart or snowflake lines, or you can use a swivel blade kraft knife or an exacto knife to cut out these central patterns. To create the garland line on the heart tree, use a simple hole paper punch. Children should use paper punches instead of knives to cut out central designs in the trees.

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