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Decorate and Fill a Special Collectible Tin for Your Dad


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A Tin for the Rugged Individualist
A forest under first snowfall is the printable theme for this outdoorsman tin for Dad.

Printable parts for an outdoor themed mint tin container for Dad.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This set of printable files in pdf format (acrobat reader) will print out the top, back, two interior faces and sides for a miniature scene or shrine in a mint tin. The interior scene for this tin is shown above, a shot of First Snow. The tin can house an outdoor scene of miniatures, or it can be used for a survival tin, based on the instructions from Field and Stream. There is also a set of instructions for a good 72 hour survival kit in a tin from survival.com. Instructables have instructions for making a tin into an emergency candle.

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