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Decorate and Fill a Special Collectible Tin for Your Dad


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Recycle a Tin for Father's Day or Dad's Birthday
An Altoids tin covered with a faux leather cover made from printed paper labelled

An Altoids tin for a collection of miniatures for Dad covered with printable faux leather covering.

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Make your Dad a special present in a recycled mint tin by decorating it and then filling it with your choice of miniatures or presents for Dad using these free printable designs. There are three different backdrops, and spaces to add tickets, photos, or coupons on the inside front of the tin. The back has label space to write a message if you want this tin to become a gift box or a shrine.

Some content ideas are listed with each theme.

If you left it very late, and need a gift or Father's Day present in a rush, paint the tin on the outside with spray paint, and use stickers from the scrapbook section to decorate the outside of the tin with a theme for your Dad. Use the printables given here as templates to trim your own photos of your Dad for his special day. You can also print free coupons for Father's Day from the Family craft site.

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