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Free Printable 2010 Miniature Project Planner


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2010 Miniature Planner Tabbed Dividers and Project Pages
Printable pages for 2010 miniature project planner fit a standard 6 ring binder.

Printable pages for 2010 miniature project planner fit a standard 6 ring binder or dividers can be laminated and bound together with ribbon.

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This printable miniatures project planner for 2010 features five tabbed dividers to set up into sections for your project, along with printable gridded sheets, project or record ideas sheets, and a purchase record. You can track parts of a project, keep track of a house project by setting up sections for each room, or track the suppliers you need for smaller projects such as doll parts, dress patterns and fabrics.

The dividers and sheets can be printed out on paper and the dividers glued to card. Or you can print the tabbed divider sheets on lightweight card or photo paper. If you want a colored backdrop for any of your pages, the colors of this planner coordinate with the backing sheets from the miniature printable flower containers, so you can use the backing sheets from those pages to create double sided colored pages from the sheets for this planner. Links to the printable files (in pdf, acrobat reader format) are given on the following pages.

The sheets are set up for standard 6 ring planners which use 3 x 6 1/2 to 4 x 7 inch inserts. If you prefer you can use single rings or a ribbon binding to hold the pages together.

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