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Make a Simple Village Church in 1:144 Scale


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Add the Bell Tower and Roof to the 1:144 Scale Village Church
Printable miniature church bell tower and tower roof ready for assembly.

Bell tower folded and assembled ready for the roof to be cut using the pattern of triangles.

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Create the printable miniature church bell tower

The bell tower will be glued to the end wall of the church.

  • Cut out the Bell Tower Cut it out leaving a white tab on one edge, and fold it in the middle of each vertical black trim section. Glue it into a rectangle with the side tab on the inside. Set aside to dry.
  • Make the Bell Tower Roof – Use the single triangle as a template to cut four sections of roof and glue the sections to the black areas of the roof template. Alternatively you can use the roof template to cut a single roof piece for the bell tower from the section of roof immediately below the bell tower walls. Fold the roof along the triangular template lines. Apply glue to the white triangular tab and glue it inside the green roof sections to form the bell tower roof. Run a bead of glue along the top of the bell tower and glue the roof in place.
  • Glue the Bell Tower to the Church Center the bell tower on the back of the church and glue it to the church. Leave to dry.
  • Fit the Main Roof Trim the two roof sections, cutting free the white tab to fit around the bell tower. Run a bead of glue along the plain green tab, and glue it underneath the other roof section so that both tabs make a continuous slot for the bell tower on the back edge of the roof. Fit the roof, trim if necessary, and glue in place.

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