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Make a Simple Village Church in 1:144 Scale


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Cut Out and Assemble the Village Church in 1: 144 Scale
Interior of a 1:144 scale printable miniature church showing floor and wall assembly.

Interior of 1:144 paper church showing floor supported by band and exterior trim glued in place to walls.

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Steps to Make the Miniature Village Church in 1:144 Scale

  • Cut out the building facade for the church, cutting in under the roof to halfway across the vertical black trim lines on the corners of the building. Use a bone folder or a sharp straight edge to fold the sides of the church crisply at right angles to the church front, folding each of the black vertical trim lines in half so that they are noticeable on each corner. When you are cutting out the building you can ignore the cropping lines at the top.
  • Lay the church front down flat on its printed surface
  • Locate the straight brown floor support line underneath the building facade piece, and cut it out, keeping the edges as straight as possible. Glue this piece to the back of the church facade, lining it up with the bottom edge. It will act as the support for the floor above. Set aside to dry.
  • Glue the black side trim strips above the walls. Face the black side to the finished side of the façade. Cut it to fit and glue it above the side walls to extend the wall as high as the roof line but leave the roof overhang ready for the roof.
  • Place the floor With the corners of the building folded, run a bead of glue along the edge of the floor and glue it in place above the support strip. The floor will not be seen but will keep the building from bowing out of shape. Fold the back wall with the thick edge around the side wall tab and glue the black trim over the side wall to finish the building walls.

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