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Make a Simple Village Church in 1:144 Scale


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Introduction to Making a Village Church in 1:144 Scale
A paper miniature village church with a bell tower in 1:144 scale

A printable miniature church in 1:144 scale.

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This printable 1:144 or Micro Scale Village Church is modeled on the many still found in Western North America. Often built by local settlers, they were the first gathering place in many small towns. The scale of this building makes it suitable for N scale railroads or for use as a Christmas decoration or in a scale village scene. The scale of 1:144 is the scale used for doll houses inside 1:12 scale dollhouses. This church could be used for a display scene inside a dolls house.

This is part of a realistic set of printable miniature buildings. If you prefer, there is also a set of "fantasy" buildings based on the parts for miniature dime store Christmas glitter houses which can be made in the same scale. Make Printable Miniature Glitter Houses

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