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Make a Printable Village Bank in 1:144 - N Scale


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Assemble the Materials for a Printable Miniature Bank
A single letter sized sheet of paper can be printed to make a 1:144 scale village.

The pieces for a 1:144 scale bank can be printed on a single letter sized sheet of paper or card stock.

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To make this 1:144 printable village bank for a dolls house or railway scene you will need:

  • Computer Printer.
  • 1 piece 8 1/2 by 11 inch good quality printer paper , photo paper or card stock
  • Sharp Scissors
  • PVA (white) glue or a good quality glue stick
  • Thin aircraft plywood (1/8 inch or thinner) or bristol board if you want to make sturdier buildings [colored pencils or chalks to adjust colors if needed]

Set your printer settings to high quality and print out one copy of the pdf file (acrobat reader) which contains the parts for the bank. If you want to build the bank from wood or bristol board, print the file on high quality paper which you can glue to the bristol board or wood. If you want to build the bank from card stock or photo weight paper, print the design on a sheet of cardstock or matte photo paper. You will be gluing two layers of this paper together for most parts so photo paper or card stock make a fairly sturdy small building.

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