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Make a 1780's Printable Dollhouse in 1:144 Scale


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Introduction to Making a 1:144 scale 18th Century House
A 1:144 scale dolls house with a snowman outside shown beside a quarter for scale reference.

A micro scale dolls house makes a good building for a miniature Christmas village Scene.

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This printable 1:144 or Micro Scale Dolls house is modelled on a section of the 18th Century Almshouses which house the Geffrye Museum in London, England. Buildings like this were once a common ways to house the poor, and the design is typical of the period. The scale of this building makes it suitable for N scale railroads or for use as a Christmas decoration or in a scale village scene.

As this is a similar size to N scale railroads, the building can be used as part of an N scale layout, or N scale accessories can be used along with the house as you can see the dog, cat and fire hydrant from a set of N scale animals here.

The snowman is made of three small beads, covered with a coating of white acrylic paint, and decorated with micro bead eyes and a mouth

This building is part of a set of similar sized printable miniature village buildings. They include:

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