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How to Print Tissue Paper Easily with an Ink Jet or Laser Printer


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Easy Way to Print Tisse Paper With an Ink Jet Printer
Tissue printed with tiny hearts used to make baking cups in dolls house miniature scale.

Tissue printed with a miniature heart design using an ink jet printer is used to make miniature baking cups in dollhouse miniature scales.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

If you only need small sheets of tissue paper, but want a custom design, or something in a smaller scale for miniature baking cases or packages, this easy method of printing on tissue using an ink jet or laser printer opens up an new world of design possibilities. Tissue papers can be custom printed with smaller than normal designs for dollhouse miniature shop displays, food packaging, or other items which you want to transfer or decoupage using a thin sheet of paper.

As shown in the photo above, a miniature hearts design has been printed on tissue in roughly 1:12 scale to allow it to be used to make miniature baking cups or chocolate cases

You can also use this method to print sheets of custom tissue just slightly larger than the largest paper size which will fit in your ink jet or laser printer. Sheets of tissue paper printed with this method should be printed on a laser printer if you want the ink to be stable in moist conditions. If you use an ink jet printer for your tissue paper, you may have to spray it with a spray fixative to prevent moisture from damaging your tissue.

More small scale printable designs for tissue can be found here:

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