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Free Printable 2012 Calendar Sized For An Empty CD Case


This free printable 2012 calendar will print two months to a page as a pdf (Acrobat Reader) file on standard sheets of paper or heavier photo paper (preferable). Each month is sized to be 4 3/4 inches (12 cm) square, which means the pages will fit in an empty CD case.

Each month is shown separately in this gallery, along with instructions on how to adjust a CD case to hold and display the calendar. The calendar features photos and projects from the miniatures site at About.com.

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2012 printable calendar featuring miniatures designed to fit in a CD case.Assemble the Case For Your 2012 CD Case CalendarJanuary 2012 miniature calendar for a cd case featuring a model texaco garage.January 2012 Printable Calendar - Miniature Texaco StationPrintable calendar page for February 2012 featuring miniature heart topiariesFebruary 2012 CD Calendar Page - Miniature Heart TopiariesPrintable miniature calendar page for March 2012 with a needlefelted lamb and pussy willowsMarch 2012 Printable Calendar - Lambs and Pussy Willows
Free printable cd case calendar for April 2012 featuring dollhouse Easter lilies and Easter eggs.April 2012 Printable Calendar Page - Easter Lilies and Chocolate EggsPrintable calendar sized for a cd case featuring May 2012 and dollhouse miniature swan cookies.May 2012 Printable Calendar Page - Mother's Day TeaPrintable miniature calendar page for June 2012 with a printable miniature rose arbor.Printable June 2012 Calendar Page - Roses and ArborsFree printable July 2012 calendar featuring dollhouse miniature koi in a pool.Printable July 2012 Calendar - Butterfly Koi in a Miniature Pond
August 2012 printable calendar featuring a dollhouse doll with an air mattress and toy sailboatPrintable August 2012 Calendar - Air Mattresses and Toy SailboatsPrintable 2012 calendar for a cd case featuring dollhouse scale mushrooms.Printable September 2012 Calendar Page - Tiny MushroomsFree printable October 2012 Calendar featuring a dollhouse witch with a stew and a black catPrintable October 2012 Calendar - Witch's Stew and Black Cats November 2012 printable calendar page with a poseable felt mouse and mouse house.Printable November 2012 Calendar - Poseable Miniature Mice and a Woodland House
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