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Make Dollhouse Scale Dessert Plates From Polymer Clay


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Make a Range of Dollhouse Miniature Dessert Plates From Polymer Clay
Dollhouse scale dessert plates and cupcakes all made from polymer clay.

These dessert plates have been made from polymer clay in standard dolls' house scale using simple tools.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These tiny dessert plates for dollhouse miniature scenes are made from polymer clay and simple tools and molds. I used Pardo Jewellery Clay to make my little plates,as it is a strong clay that rolls out very thin and can be very translucdent. I've shown a number of different ways to create these plates, depending on which tools and stamps you have available.

To make more realistic polymer clay plates, you need a strong elastic clay, something that can be rolled and worked when very thin. Most polymer clay brands are strengthed by mixing colors and translucent clay together. Soft clays work just as well as harder clays, but you may need to adapt your working methods. If you are new to working with polymer clay, read The Basics of Polymer Clay before you begin.

This tutorial is set up to demonstrate several technques you can use to make sets of plates in your own designs. You can make your own clay cutters sized to your dollhouse scale from recycled foil plates, the same way the basic miniature cookie cutters are made. Wrap your cutter around a tube to make it round. For my 1:12 scale dessert plates, which have a scale diameter equivalent to a full sized plate of 9 inches, I used a standard 3/4 inch circular clay cutter. A pill bottle or something similar would work as well.

To make the decorative surface for the pierced plate, I used a circular piece of filigree, often found in scrapbook stores or jewellery and bead suppliers. You can use a decorative button, bead, or rubber stamp as well. The filigree works well if you want to make plates with pierced openings, as you can work a pin against the filigree to make a regular round hole. You can also create 'incised' plate surfaces using beads as clay rollers, tiny rubber stamps, or bits of chain jewelery.

To make rims for the plates I used lightweight card cut to shape with paper punches. You can use a washer from the hardware or automotive store or an appropriate flat shaped bead or button the same way.

Basic tools for making these plates include your choice of polymer clay, a release agent for your clay (talcum powder or corn starch) a smooth clay roller, a clay blade, dressmaking pins, baking tile or foil pan and possibly two part silicone mold putty which makes repeating the plates easier if you want to make full sets.

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