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Make a Dollhouse Hat Cake With Roses From Polymer Clay


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Parts Needed to Assemble a Dolls House Hat Cake Decorated With Roses
Two different diameter cake layers in dolls house scale, mini roses, and leaves for a dollhouse cake

Finished polymer clay roses, leaves, and a hat shaped cake base for a dolls house scale cake.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To make the hat shaped cake for your dolls house display you will need:

  • Two round disks of waste clay for the cake. For the cake shown the disks measure 3/4 of an inch and 1/2 inch in diameter and 1/8 to 3/16 inch thick. You can make these sections from waste clay (unless you want to cut pieces of your cake). You can cut the disks from a roll of clay, shape them by hand, use a template to mark the correct circle sizes, cut them with Kemper rose cutters or other round clay cutter templates, or cut them using the metal tops used to make covered sewing buttons. If you shape them by hand so they are slightly irregular, you will get a cake like mine that looks more hand made than bakery made. Any imperfections can be covered with an icing layer. Bake the disks separately and glue them together after baking, with one disk offset from the other to form a wider crown on one side (room for your roses!)
  • Roses, Rosebuds and Leaves You will need one full rose, two partial roses, and five rosebuds as well as seven to eleven leaves to decorate the cake as shown. As the roses are very tiny, bake them separately from thicker cake sections, and watch that they do not brown.
  • Fine Ribbon or hat band of polymer clay.
  • Polymer Clay Icing I used translucent, white and a tiny amount of chocolate colored clay to make a fondant or marzipan icing for my cake. Blend the colors thoroughly then roll out a thin layer and press it over your baked and glued cake layers, making sure you leave a straight side around the top layer of cake to take your ribbon hat band. If you will use a polyclay hat band, add it to your icing layer before you bake the icing in place on your cake.

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