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Make a Dollhouse Hat Cake With Roses From Polymer Clay


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Make Miniature Leaves From Polymer Clay
Miniature rose leaves are cut from a shaped roll of polymer clay, a pin is used to vein them.

Rose leaves are cut from a leaf shaped roll of polymer clay, then flattened with a clay knife or the back of a glass headed pin to make leaves to decorate a dolls house cake.

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To make rose leaves, cut small sections off the roll you shaped in the color blending step. Press the edge of your knife into the center of each leaf shape to create a center vein. You can use a pin to create other leaf veins at an angle to the center vein if you wish. You can also cup the leaves slightly by gently pressing a large ball end of an embossing stylus or the round head of a glass headed pin into the leaf gently to curve and shape it.

To decorate the hat cake you will need an assortment of different sized leaves. If you cut some of your leaves off the shaped roll at an angle instead of cutting them straight across the roll, you will make different sized leaves from the same roll.

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