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Make a Dollhouse Hat Cake With Roses From Polymer Clay


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Make Petals for Polyclay Roses
Pressing dots of polymer clay into transparent rose petals to decorate dolls house cakes.

Forming tiny polymer clay rose petals for dolls house cake decorations

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To make petals for polymer clay roses, use the same technique of smudging the clay, only this time smudge small dots cut from your roll, instead of smudging a ribbon length as you did for the centers. [See photo above.)

Shaping the petals If your smudge is too large for a petal, trim it to a rough triangle with your knife, leaving the thinnest edge on the widest part of the triangle. Pick up the petals by sliding them off your working tile, onto a knife blade, easing them onto the knife blade from the side of the petal as shown.

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